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3 Steps to Owning Your Own Style

I’m forever rattling on about the importance of owning your own style. It’s super important to incorporate your personality and lifestyle into your pad because that is what makes it unique and special. Here are my sure fast ways of owning your own style and knocking your interiors out of the park!

First and foremost……


You don’t need to be an interior designer to train your eye you just need to follow these fundamental principles:

Line, Proportion and Balance

STEP 1 - LINE. Think of your space as a cityscape, vertical lines draw your eye up; boxier shapes draw the eye down. You want a mix just like a cityscape. If everything is perfectly proportioned it reads like a big yawn! Low backed furniture is easy to see over but too many squatty pieces make the room feel really dull so it’s vital to mix it all up.

STEP 2 - PROPORTION. Proportion is all about how things fit. Make everything work beautifully together and then throw it off. I know this sounds weird but we want to add friction to interiors otherwise they read as dull. My biggest trick is to add something super sized like a large-scale art piece, banana tree, chandelier it ups the grandeur levels.

STEP 3 – BALANCE. Rooms need to balance in order to feel cohesive. I balance everything together by reigning in the colour palette but you can also balance a room through symmetrical arrangements, asymmetrical arrangements or radial balance (i.e. where there is a central focal pint with other elements radiating from it or around it like chairs around a dining table).

Whilst not everyone can be an interior designer the more knowledge we have the cooler our rooms will look. Look at this formula above as specific building blocks –blocks that will totally and utterly help give your rooms flair.


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  • julie on October 23, 2017

    Hi Abigail,

    Love this post and the cityscape idea. I’m thinking of studying interior design. I’ve read how you first started and how you studied interior design by night. I know you were in the U.S. at the time. Do you mind me asking where you studied? Did you do an MA or a diploma?

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