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4 things for a fabulous living room

Living rooms are my most favourite room in the house. It’s where I unwind, entertain, chill and hangout. A lot goes into creating a cool space, but if I had to distill down into the most basic elements that turns them around, it’s the following:



I say this a lot but all rooms need numerous lights to create different moods throughout the day and evening. Ideally I would recommend 8 (if your room is bijou then go for 6). Little pools of light cosy rooms up and make them hard to leave.



Nothing worse than plopping down on a formal uptight sofa or chair. The loungier the better, as you want to create that relaxed chilled out vibe. Snuggly sheepskins and tactile cushions (think velvet or chunky wool) make it even more inviting!



This keeps living areas looking and feeling fresh… from sweet clusters of hydrangea, vases of foliage or giant leafy plants, tropical plants and cactus. You can keep swapping out the foliage and flowers according to the seasons too.



Rooms only look cosy when you add zillions of surfaces. I’m talking consoles, stools, occasional tables, ottomans and even stacks of books.

It’s odd to say this but it never really the grand statement features that create the most sumptuous living rooms. I mean they help obviously, who doesn’t want a blingy chandelier or a cool piece of art?! But these aren’t enough. It’s more about the small stuff, the smart moves if you like and not many people get that. Small meaningful changes that people won’t necessary notice like those I’ve touched on above. It’s these that make a space feel fabulous, even if you can’t quite put your finger on why.



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