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6 quick ways to make your home feel more expensive

What an amazing response to my House Crush new column idea yesterday. Thank you guys. Consider it done we’ve already put a column on the blog for it. So now it’s down to you guys, all you have to do is post images of your pad (on facebook, instagram, pinterest or twitter) with the hashtag #AAHouseCrush. We’ll then pick them up and have regular features of your best homes on the blog and across all my social media channels for everyone to see. So excited about it, cannot wait!
Over the years the style of my house has changed. It used to be quite out there with a lot of quirk and now I’ve reigned it in a bit so it’s gradually become slightly more tailored and glamorous looking these days, which I love. So I thought it would be a nice idea to write a post on how to make your home feel more expensive, without actually spending zillions.

Supersize your art

Don’t freak out if you haven’t got a fortune to spend, you can download all sorts of art from the web and then get it printed up by a local printer. Or you can simply paint a large canvas one solid hue and wham bam looks amazing, something like this maybe? I love the look. Tons of other inexpensive art ideas here too.



Add Colour

Banish Beige, Boost Colour. Sounds like a strap line for a book no? Actually it is – it’s mine! COLOUR is the single most transformative thing you can ever do to a space, it’s eye catching, it’s intriguing and it will make your space feel way more expensive if you embrace it in a big way. Oh by the way I just received an advance of my new book so I’ll be showing it to you all a bit later. It’s a bit radical the cover to say the least!

Add a large mirror

Mirrors create illusion and magic, they make spaces appear grander, edgier bigger and better and expand any space. Want to make a space feel grand simply add a large piece of glass it’s as easy as that and what’s more it doesn’t even have to be framed.


Rethink your vignettes

If you’ve got a lot of itty bitty things on shelves all of a similar height anchor them on a tray or platter, not only will it ground them it will make them feel more cohesive and sophisticated.

Add an element of surprise

Now I haven’t eliminated quirk altogether, because the minute you add something a little oddball it adds a twist. It will take your pad to new decorative heights and it could be anything. A big vase in a zingy hue, an animal lamp, some quirky artwork, faux zebra cushions – unexpected touches that draw the eye and create drama is the name of the game.


Small changes have just as much impact

Like replacing plastic light switches with metal ones, door handles with ceramic ones it gives your room an instant upgrade. Paint radiators out the same colour as your walls (just use eggshell), shelves and skirtings too for that matter. Simple, simple simple but yet such game changers.
Oh and remember to post in pics of your pad I would love to run with this new column sometime next week.

Happy decorating!


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