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6 steps to droolworthy bathrooms

Before I begin on bathrooms just to let you know there is no blog on Monday (its a bank holiday in the UK) and also I’m in the States. Posts will resume on Tuesday but you’ll have to forgive me if I am a little slow in answering things. We have the craziest shooting schedule ever! Different coasts, 2 pads a day and all in 5 days. Which is why I hate to say there is no business column this afternoon. It’s been such a full on week that I just haven’t had to the time to pen. Sorry about that.

Lets get down to biz and talk bathrooms.

Bathrooms I find can be a lot like kitchens we focus on the practical stuff like tubs, sinks, and showers. Then we totally forget the things that really turn it around like chandeliers, super sized faucets, bold statements that take bathrooms to the next level! I, as I moan on about continually don’t have the best bathroom. I want to rip it all up and start again. Tile choices I made 12 years ago in my Scandi country God knows what phase bug the hell out of me. Plus its not quite as simple as purely replacing the tiles because once I start on the room I want to turn the window into a door, have a jungle inspired roof terrace, and who knows what else.

Do-able just not so simple so it constantly gets neglected. But I can dream right! I find that the best bathrooms have the following transformative decorating tricks that take them to the next level, all on my radar for whenever I change mine up!

Statement Lighting

I know we have to be careful with lighting and water but that doesn’t mean we have to play it safe. I’ve hung a super sized wire chandelier over my bath, something that I actually love. Suddenly the room feels grander, cooler and way more sophisticated

Think differently about walls

I think bathrooms are a great space to experiment with walls. Consider a cool colour, cladding them with wood or tiles or even wallpaper. That way you’ll give them loads of personality and you’ll hardly need to do anything else.  Go out of your comfort zone I say magic happens if you do that.

Bath taps as sink taps

I am obsessed with gold taps, warmer than silver or chrome if I were to start over I would totally go down this route. Another little trick I do all the time is use bath taps over my sink because they are chunkier, bigger and so much cooler!


Our house is Victorian so there are working fireplaces in every room and rather than remove them we’ve kept it. Extremely sexy and luxe I only wish I could say I used the fireplace more regularly in the bathroom.

I will once I can turn it into a space I actually want to linger in rather than a zone that I run in and out of at top speed to prevent the migraine starting.

A good floor

To create a spa like feel don’t neglect the floor feet have the most pressure points in the body so standing on a smooth under heated floor is super therapeutic.

Go off radar with tiles

Tiles are a game changer if you’ve got big bucks to spend take inspiration from the bathroom in the slide show designed by Kelly Wearstler. Green marble walls coupled with a porthole shaped mirror. Beautiful. If you can’t stretch to marble there are heaps of amazing tiles out there which will look super effective


Add some chairs, stools dressers even. Unique pieces of furniture can add personality to any bathroom space.

Oh and I’ll be over on Instagram a lot next week if you fancy seeing what I’m up too. Have a lovely weekend



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