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As the seasons change, I always try to mix up my pad, whether it's adding a new statement chair, painting the walls a different colour or rearranging my seating areas to make it cosier for the cooler temperatures. I stumbled across the new collection from British furniture and interiors company Timothy Oulton. Like me, they are always striving for innovation through creative collections spanning handcrafted furniture, distinctive leather upholstery, unique lighting, and home accessories.

Timothy Oulton opened his first store back in 2008 in Los Angeles. He had a vision to break the mould and had the deepest integrity and a passion to deliver the extraordinary – I know the feeling! So, with this mighty thought in mind, I thought I would put together my top tips to getting your home ready for the wintry season ahead. 


As you know, my style is eclectic, moody and glamorous but still incredibly laid back. I always want to create spaces that are able to take people’s breath away, but still feel happy to kick off their shoes and relax!

I LOVE playing with scale. The minute you add, say an oversized armchair, you provide instant dynamic and dramatic contrast. 

I tend to switch things round all the time at home, such as accessories, artwork, new plants and even furniture. I always try to curate my spaces pervaded by a passion for hand-craftsmanship, looking to push the boundaries of design. I adore my Timothy Oulton Lazy chair, it a great mix of an English Chesterfield with a relaxed vibe Whispy Grey linen - perfect for me and the M's (my dogs, Maud and Mango) to get wrapped in. 

By super-sizing things, it will take your space to the next level. This goes for this Timothy Oulton Pacific coffee table in sleek marble. This is grounded by two solid Pure Oak sides with large jigsaw joints, contrasting the crisp white marble with the rustic, warm timber helping to anchor the many layers in my living room. 


Just switching the places of a few pieces of art in your home (whether on a wall or leaning somewhere) can make for a dramatic change in your home. It doesn't even have to be permanent; it can just be something to help you see your space with a fresh perspective.

Art changes up the vibe of a room and I don’t think any space feels complete without it. Seriously any space – the same goes for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or the downstairs loo! So, whatever artwork you love, just make sure you pick artwork you can’t live without. I adore this Timothy Oulton Savoy New York Map, for me, it pays homage to the time I worked there and allows me to reminisce on past journeys - it's


As you may know, I don’t really follow trends. My advice when picking new pieces for your home, is to pick things you love, so you’ll never get bored of them. I adore having different collectable chairs in my pad, which compliment my current design vibe. In fact, I don't think I even have more than two chairs the same.

For me, if everything is from the same period or style it shouts uptight, but when you mix things up, magic happens. If it makes you uncomfortable or you feel you can’t quite get the hang of mixing everything then mix in pairs – chairs are great start. I surround myself with furniture, lighting and textiles I love, which all have a similar style, so they gel perfectly together.  

I love to know the history of a new piece too. If it's from a flea market in Paris or a completely new modern piece, which I fall instantly in love with. I adore how I know this Timothy Oulton Angeles dining chair has undergone several stages of complex hand-finishing to achieve this lustrous leather seat, adding a dollop of glamour to my dining room. 


Texture is an often-overlooked element when mixing up your home style. Texture is the magical ingredient that can make an interior space pop, and should not be overlooked.

Texture, in interior design refers to the surface quality of a material. Take a side table for example. Whether the table material is smooth, rough or ornately hand carved, it’s got a texture. It helps dictate how a room feels on first glance, much like the colour of a room can affect how warm or cool it feels, texture can influence the tone and weight of a room. 

In my bedroom, I have mixed up textures to create oodles of layers. I love the heavy mash up of colours, all underpinned with moody pops of texture. 


For me, I ALWAYS invest in a quality sofa and tables. Think about the space you have and if you want to indulge in a generous table or just something you want to pop things onto while you snuggle into your sofa. Your furniture is where you can choose to break the rules and make statements with rich fabrics and textures. 

My Timothy Oulton Axel side table is a combination of reclaimed wood from decommissioned Chinese junks and hand-treated metal detailing. Each piece tells a story, forming a solid, cohesive collection rife with personality and character - just love it!

#ad and ‘In Collaboration With Timothy Oulton’. 

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