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A 2 step programme to revamping your home

Yesterday’s April Fools was  so much fun. Zillions of comment,  some of you rumbled me straight away, some of you didn’t and the guys here had to virtually tie my hands together not to respond to some comments and let you know I was teasing!

Down to biz and the question of the day.  Can you revamp your pad in two simple steps?

The answer is YES ( kind of)! We all want comfortable, beautiful spaces that we can chill out in and feel relaxed right? The best way of achieving this fast is all to do with your colour palette. I don’t necessary mean repainting everything although if you do it’s the biggest game changer ever. Rather I mean if you reign colours in to a few signature hues it makes such a difference.

Tone it down: Having a limited palette as your foundation not only looks and feels cohesive it makes your pad appear more expensive, grander, cooler even.  So in my home I’ve got walls, floors, big items of furniture in greys, caramels, greeny greys, blacks – long lasting hues that are never going to tire me out and always look beautiful. Like I said in the intro though you don’t need to start painting everything out if you don’t want, its more about looking at the pieces that you have finding a common grouping of hues and mixing them into your look.

Accent it up: For your scheme not to feel boring and dull however you’ve got to enliven the restrained palette with some big ballsy textures or with colour . Plump for low commitment pieces like cushions, vases, accessories so that you can easily switch them up if you feel in need for a change. I should also say that inserting hints of high voltage hues can help separate or bring together areas the choice is yours. Its clever colour it can do so much! Whats more when you go down this restrained look you can literally mix anything with anything and then ramp it up with a few highlights.

Easy peasy no?

It’s a long Easter weekend over here with Friday and Monday being bank holidays, so I’ll be back on Tuesday. Have a lovely long weekend. Oh and I nearly forgot next week we are launching an  AA VIP club, tell you more about it on Tuesday.


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