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You guys know I like nothing better than bending the rules… like launching a paint range with only dark hues, or creating a flower shop that is entirely faux. I like dispelling myths, and I especially like being able to prove people wrong when they tell me “that’s crazy” or “that’ll never work”!

So that’s why I’m hugely excited by Farmshop, owned by Jeff Cerciello and Kira Cunningham in LA. It’s designed by Commune Design (their downtown LA hotel and Nichol’s Canyon home are other favourites of mine!) and it completely breaks the boundaries of what a farm shop should be.


Farmshop’s not typically rustic, as so many are. It’s intriguing, modern, glam even, but more than anything it’s supremely warm and welcoming. The walls have been given the luxe treatment with photographic murals and tiles. It’s a restaurant, shop and a food venue that celebrates the changing of the seasons. If I were closer I would pop in daily I reckon! In my new life in Italy I like the idea of doing something similar.

main.original.980x550 (1)

Talking of Italy, having dug a little deeper into the place I found (a beautiful converted monastery) it’s looking like a no. It’s been divided into two sadly, and the place that’s up for sale has a tiny courtyard and an even tinier roof terrace. I’m not sure we want to go all that way for a beautiful sunny climate, only to have so little outdoor space. Although I love the look of the space and the fact it’s in a hill-top medieval village, so you walk out the door and you’re immediately in the village. It’s just the outdoor thing that’s the problem. Anyways, enough on Italy (for now). If the meetings I had yesterday come into fruition, I’ll be so busy that I won’t be leaving here EVER.





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