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I really love the whole cooking process, poring over recipe books, visiting farmers’ markets and choosing beautiful seasonal produce, and obviously the cooking and eating too! But even if you love cooking (which I do), I don’t love figuring out what to cook every single day of the week. Particularly how crazy busy everything is at the moment I just haven’t had the time, and being the only cook in the house some evenings I just don’t want to think about it. I want to pour a glass of wine, yabber to G, play with the M’s and still be able eat good, simple organic food that tastes fantastic. Not too much to ask right??

Which is why I was so excited to discover Gousto. I think I’m a bit late to catch on to this but I can honestly say it’s so so good. Gousto was started in 2011 by two friends who loved cooking and great food, but leading busy lives didn’t always have the time to think up recipes and shop for the ingredients. So their concept is to provide you with all the ingredients delivered to your door to cook meals at home. I signed up last week and was super excited to receive my box on Friday!

You choose the recipes online (they have different ones each week but they’re all scrummy) and the ingredients arrive on your doorstep. Everything is in the exact right proportions for your meal, so you don’t pay any extra or waste anything, and they don’t leave out anything you’ll need. So no need to schlep to the shop for extra herbs or spices. G and I had chorizo, giant couscous and lentils for dinner, and it was seriously delish. I loved still being able to enjoy cooking too, but just with all the hassle taken out! And it’s all seasonal, organic and fresh.

This is a serious kitchen revolution for me. If you’d like to try out a box too, the lovely folks at Gousto have set up a discount code for you guys. Just enter ABIGAILEATS on the Gousto site, and you’ll get £25 off. We opted for the couple’s box (three meals for 2 people) so with a £25 discount that’s only a tenner a box. Win-win!

So for that couple of times a week when I can’t be bothered to start from scratch, these guys are absolutely my new go-to source. Plus (I can say this because none of my family read the blog!) I’m also thinking it’s a great solution for hosting people in the crazy busy run-up to Christmas.

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