Before I get down to biz I must just mention how overwhelmed, flattered and delighted we all are here at HQ about the response to our new own label botanicals. I’ve been zapping over to Instagram regularly looking at everyone’s feeds and seeing all our beautiful faux’s looking so pretty in our cabin at Heal’s in Tottenham Court Road, also in their Leeds store Redbrick Mill as well as our flagship in Islington. The thing with working so far in advance is you never really know how things will be received and being such a worry wort I ponder and ponder for ages – the whole process takes for ever. Then you sign off, wait for months and then containers arrive by the lorry load and into the stores they go – and Gem and I get excited all over again. So thank you is what I meant to say for loving and embracing them as much as we do, I can’t tell you enough how overwhelmed we are both feeling by the response.

One more thing before I get into today’s post – we have just put some more Design School days online. All classes this year have sold out so we’ve added an extra day on Sunday 4th December as we have a pretty long wait list. It will be super festive with mince pies, some fizz, log fires – the house should be fully decorated for the holidays (unless I’m winging it to China for a last minute meeting). Talking of which Gem and I have to pop over there for one day can you believe – I don’t think I have ever gotten on a long haul flight with purely a handbag before but there you go. Longer in the air than on the ground – 28 hours in the air, 18 hours on the ground bonkers no? Oh and we’ve also added Design School dates for the new year as I know lots of people buy them as presents!

OK enough housekeeping stuff lets talk autumn – I loveee autumn, I love the chill in the air, I love lighting fires, concocting some kind of stew and throwing it in the slow cooker and best of all I love making ginger tea and turmeric lattes! Funny what I get excited about lately, but hey.

Now I’ve come indoors more my focus switches from sprucing the garden to getting the interiors truly cosy. I’m in full on hibernating mode and nothing can stop me! Walls are being touched up and painted, cupboards cleaned inside out and lighting snaggles fixed. Apart from these sort of touch-up jobs, here are my key ways to get ready for Autumn:


Blankets are key to my look and perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor lunches. I have a few favourites stacked in my Tinto wardrobe, Maud and I snuggle up with them in the evening. There’s something about blankets that encourage hibernation I think.

Switch up the cushions on your sofa for extra comfort. Right now we’ve got these amazing paprika ones which I am pretty obsessed with – it's such a warm soft colour for this time of year and the M’s love too!

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-13-43-28We Took to the Woods

Nothing like a candle puttering away. I think scent is the quickest way to transport you somewhere else - right now I'm swapping out some of my fresher summery smells for intoxicating fragrances from our We Took to the Woods range. They're the most amazing woodsy, warming scents like sandalwood, patchouli, fig, bergamot – beautiful! T-lights are also fabulous when the nights are drawing in. I can’t tell you how many candles I light each evening – zillions.


Fall arrangements call for the coolest vases to keep them in and are the way to go this season. We’ve got some amazing ones coming in from inky hues to speckled organic ones. Fill them up with foliage and ferns grouped en masse to create a beautiful textural arrangement. I've been pottering around with mine all weekend. Couldn't be simpler!