31 Aug

Back to black

How do you create a fab bathroom without it costing the earth? You want a bathroom that’s gutsy, a tad offbeat and a deeply seductive space to preen and relax… but preferably without spending a ton on a bespoke job.

The answer is colour (isn’t it always??!). Paint plays a huge role in quickly and cheaply transforming a room. Deep sumptuous hues give any room an edge, but particularly bathrooms which tend to come in 50 shades of beige.

I’m going to make the case for black bathrooms today. Hear me out on this – it’s a bold visual statement that just oozes sophistication. Might be a hard sell maybe, but luckily I’ve got Jenna Lyons to help me out. She’s created my all time favourite bathroom in a beautiful inky black. It’s utterly inspiring, and I am seriously considering repainting mine and starting again. Her place has that hotel luxe feel yet feels modern and rustic all at the same time. Very very jealous – in fact if I wasn’t working on another room right now I would be painting my bathroom walls deepest darkest black.


Also a fan of the lack of doors! I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s such a clever idea to open up the archway into the bathroom. It creates a beautiful little antechamber with the bedroom flowing straight into the bathroom. Its so simple and yet is feels so luxurious. I love the herringbone floor, lovelovelove the sumptuous black paint, love the brass fittings and rustic plaster walls. It’s a perfect retreat. So what do you reckon? Could this convince you to paint your bathroom black?

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