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Behind the scenes

Thought it might be fun to have a little look behind the scenes into my typical day. Although days aren’t that typical so it’s pretty difficult to nail  I  will  give it a try!  I should say although the store takes up a lot of my time (traveling and buying for it, styling it and strategizing for it) the business has morphed into so much of a bigger thing. This includes a twice-yearly collection of accessories for Debenhams which rather unbelievably sell out pretty soon after hitting the shelves plus our new own label collection which is getting larger by the week as I keep adding to it.  This has now become like my new baby I’m thinking about it 24/7 and it keeps me awake a night. Having designed the dog lights which did so well I didn’t want the second collection to be similar in any way (they’ve been so copied) and that collection was a capsule tiny collection, with this I wanted a much more comprehensive range. So it encompasses furniture, vases, plants, flowers, objects and art oh and cushions (although textiles are super new and at the moment just an idea in my head – I see things in my head regularly) so lets see how that goes. Other commitments include writing the content for the blog; I do all this myself (the minute I farm it out is the minute I stop doing it). I pencil every Monday out (where possible and it’s not always possible) to research and write content. I time line myself to 14 hours no longer. If I can’t do in 14 I have to drop a post. If I have meetings on that Monday or other commitments then those 14 hours move to Sunday!

Other commitments include guest posts for Refinery 29 (twice a month) and Rated People (once a month of which I’m brand ambassador)., not forgetting weekly management meetings. Also throw into that mix some research for any Interior Design projects I might have and then any prep for the Design and Retail Schools, which run once a month and yes I’m a little busy come to think of it.

Anyways here goes a typical (sort of) kind of day!


We rise early between 5 & 5.30 although this sounds hideous I love this time in the morning.  We trundle downstairs let the 2’ms out for a quick whizz around the garden, make coffee and then its straight to the computers. G goes upstairs to his office I’m on the ground floor where I’ll tweak and process the blog for that morning.  If I’m good then three or four mornings a week I’ll hit the gym or Pilates at 6.30 for an hours workout. How often I go really depends on emails that have come in over night any that are ‘time sensitive’, from our factories in the Far East (working on our new collection) have to be dealt with instantly so this week for example I haven’t been once!

With such a time difference we only have the shortest amount of time to iron out problems before they shut down for the evening and as we’re in the early stages of working with these guys its super important to answer any problems pronto. So I’ll often be sitting in my gym kit thinking I’ll get a workout in only to find myself 3 hours later still at my desk emailing back and forth!


The team arrive between 8.30 and 9.00 and we’ll run through anything urgent that needs answering which includes overall operations, warehousing issues (although I rarely get involved in that) as well as any marketing or press requests or special projects that need my attention. After that I’m pretty much desk bound in the studio designing our new collection.


The M’s have lunch on the dot of 12, Mungo has the most amazing time clock and starts whacking me with his paw more and more frantically until I move from my desk and feed them At the same time I’ll usually pop a whole ton of tomatoes, chick peas a sprinkling of paprika and some fresh oregano into a baking tray to slow roast for an hour which I then whizz up into a soup for lunch. Or anything else from the Green Kitchen actually.  Lunch is always eaten on the go (there’s no official lunch break as such for G or I). G works  four floors up and overseas operations, handles all the financials as well as overseeing special projects and won’t eat ever unless I yell up 4 floors L U N C H! It drives me crazy I’m forever saying stuff like ‘you’re not the President we’re not running a country here’ eat, drink water la la la! Sometimes I think he may not be human, I wonder if there is test I could run to see if he has in fact landed from some other planet?

Samples are coming in thick and fast of our new collection, you’ll see on the slide show one of our new candelabra’s which looks pretty cool until on closer inspection you’ll see the whole thing is on the piss! Back to the Far East with more emails and a revamp we go!!


If I’m not on a deadline I’ll walk the M’s in the afternoon for an hour, we’re either potter to the local park or go and walk to a café for a flat white, and usually bark at everyone who passes until I have a melt down and home we come! Then it’s back at the desk, writing, designing, answering emails, etc.  Right now I’m working on a new book, how could I forget to tell you guys about it (forgive)! Super excited! Early stages it gets published next Spring and right now I’m planning our schedule to LA, NYC, Paris, Amsterdam and far too many other places to mention to shoot the coolest homes on the planet.


Trundle downstairs  and its time to figure out supper. These days as its summer a lot is just plonked in the BGE that is supper easy. A whole chicken with lemons accompanied by some yummy salad. Alternately we’re wander to one of the local restaurants; Lardo, Rotorino, Street Feast  and eat out. I’m rubbish at crossing London to go out to dinner in the week.  Shoreditch, which is super near, is about as far as I go, as I have zero interest in spending an age in a car after the end of long weekday. G and I will catch up on our day; whack on some music, open a bottle and catch up on our respective days. Around 9 I’ll plonk on the sofa & either read or watch something like the Good Wife, or the BBC series on BA (in my next life I fancy working for British Airways after I’ve been a cowboy that is) weird hey lets not linger on that. 10, 10.30 it’s up to bed with the 2 M’s with a peppermint tea.

Lights Out!








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