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It took me ages to get round to decorating this year, I have to admit. But it’s looking pretty festive now chez moi. I’ve added fairy lights, tons of eucalyptus and winter foliage dripping out of vases, and draped big fat trails of tinsel everywhere. Everyone’s got a little bit of sparkle now, from the lamps and pictures to my Mae sculpture, who’s got a little tinsel scarf. She’s not wearing much else mind, but I reckon she can pull it off! Gem asked if that was going to be my Christmas outfit. Ahem, I think not!

I’ll be putting some of my festive snaps up on instagram, and you can check them all out at{mine}. I’ve actually been hunting through at{mine} looking for Christmas decorating inspiration and you’re such a stylish bunch! I’ve put my picks of the best Christmas decs in the slideshow above. Whether you want to go loud and kitsch, super modern and trendy, or rustic with pine and brown paper parcels, there’s something for everyone in there. Big shout out to everyone for their wonderful photos, and I hope all this inspiration gets you thoroughly in the festive spirit. (9 days to go!)



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