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Hi everybody, with just 10 days to go it’s beginning to feel super festive here. I’ve had my pad semi-decorated since we threw the meal with Weber, so actually since the very beginning of advent. That’s really uncharacteristically early for me as I’m usually running around like a mad woman with t-lights and tinsels much later in the holiday season! Luckily the foliage decorating that Gem created for me is so beautiful (and faux, so it lasts) that I’m happy to leave it out all month. It’s seasonal and subtle rather than OTT in your face Christmassy, which really suits my mood for decorating this year. Add in a few candles and the whole place has been feeling very magical recently. We threw the AA team Christmas bash here this week, and decoration-wise all I had to do was turn on the fairylights and we were party-ready.


So low-key, twinkling and inspired by nature and foliage is the way I’ve gone this year. But I’ve flirted with all sorts of decorating over the years, from full on tinsel and kitsch to a sort of industrial-chic minimalist style to sparkling carnations and supersized baubles. I wanted to see what themes you lot had gone for this year! So in what is fast becoming a tradition at AA I’ve gathered up my favourite snaps of your holiday decorations. I really believe that between the blog and social we have such a cool little design-savvy community, so I’m turning this one over to you guys. Check out the gallery above for some of the most funny, fabulous and festive decorations on my feed at the moment. From animal accessories (which you know I can never resist!) decked out with bauble earrings and eucalyptus wreaths to spectacular mantelpiece arrangements, these are all very AA-approved.

I’ve added the instagram username to each pic, so please check them out for more gorgeous design inspiration. And if you want to join in the fun, remember to tag #abigailahern so I’ll spot your pictures. We also have #abigailaherncolour for fellow lovers of the dark side, and #areyoufauxreal for showing off your amazing faux plants and flowers. Something for everyone! Thanks for keeping me inspired guys.

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