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Best of the week 1st March

The most popular posts from the blog this week, plus my favourite things from around the web…

1. My new book reveal! The very first copy of my new book arrived from the publishers this week so I was really excited to finally be able to show it to you all. It was the most popular blog post this week and I’m just blown away by all your fabulous comments, so thank you so much! 

Book reveal featured



2. on outcast colours that are making a comeback. As far as I knew, teal and blues were never out! I love both of them, they create the perfect intoxicating inky backdrop.



3. Ignore colour trends. Colours go in and out of style all the time. I’m really not a fan of “colour of the year” marsala. I love grey, but I’ll continue to love it long after it goes out of style too! I always say to ignore colour trends and just go with your gut.



4. While we’re talking about doing things your own way, I loved these out of the ordinary kitchens. A couple of beautiful kitchens that have converted to the dark side, and also an amazing indoor/outdoor space that’s my fave!



5. My biz story, by Osheen. Osheen Harruthoonyan is an incredible Canadian-based photographer, who produces all his black and white photos with painstaking old-school film techniques. He shared his brilliant art with us, as well as his tips for balancing creativity with business.



6. How to take great foodie shots. I’m pretty jealous of the really talented photographers, because it’s really irritating when something’s looking super cool and just right and I can’t capture it on camera! I’ll still only be playing around on instagram at the mo, but this might help me on the way to brushing up my phone snaps a bit.



7. How to make a mancave stylish. My moodboard and top picks for tackling the ultimate design challenge – the dreaded mancave! There’s also a competition giveaway for you to create your own Pinterest moodboards too.



8. So Fashion Week hit London last week and although I haven’t been keeping up to date with all the shows, I loved the Erdem show was really cool. With his inspiration for the show Erdem Moralioglu tipped it upside down, and started with the set, recreating interiors and then building a character and the clothes of the collection from there. The set was created by Robin Brown, and there are loads of great pics on his instagram @robinbrowndesign and @erdemlondon.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 13.24.02


9. I’m a big fan of Emily Henson, she’s one of the best stylists in the biz and the wonder woman who makes Anthropologie stores look so achingly cool. She always pulls off amazing creative interiors and stores that are packed with visual intrigue, but without looking crazy OTT – tricky thing to balance, but she nails it! In the LA Times she reveals her top tips to get the look, and snippets from her new book Bohemian Modern.



10. And something silly to end on! Some of my favourite real-life paint names are Sick Pig and Dead Salmon, but this one takes the biscuit…


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