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Best of the week 1st May

Forget to say earlier today, but happy 1st of the month to everyone. Crazy, can’t believe it’s May already! A bumper month for bank holidays here though. As it’s a long weekend this weekend, I thought I’d get in early with the weekly round-up. So without further ado, here’s the top blog posts and my picks of the best of the rest of the web this week.

1. Not suprised to say that the number one post on the blog this week was snooping around the amazing Malibu pad of the fabulous Kelly Wearstler. Major house crush.



2. I’m breaking down some of my top styling tips, using one of my favourite rooms from COLOUR to show how you can apply some clever tricks to your own place. And if you can’t get enough of this super-cool kitchen, you can spot the same pic in this week’s Grazia for their shop the room feature.



3. Working from home suits me to a tee – I’m happier, more productive and I don’t even count the hours (often!). For me it’s all about having the right environment in the studio and an office that I really enjoy spending time in. So I’ve shared my top 10 tips for creating a stylish home office that will get you motivated and help make your biz the best it can be!



4. If you’re still hungry for more home office inspiration, I’ve been gathering up all the most droolworthy pics on my pinterest.




5. A conundrum I get asked about all the time in my Design Schools is how you can still create a sumptuous, stylish atmosphere in a tiny place. I actually love smaller rooms, and have a couple of small space tricks up my sleeve.



6. Of course the ultimate cheat to visually expand your space is to use mirrors. This Apartment Therapy round-up has some really cool mirror tricks for dinky rooms.



7. I wanted to say a big congrats to my COLOUR competition winners! You can check out all of the colourful entries on instagram. I reckon I must have the most stylish readers ever.



8. Even though it doesn’t feel very summery right now (I’ve been so cold I’ve been resorting to tons of hot drinks to keep me going today!), I’m in the mood for summery eating and yummy light meals. These delicious salad recipes on Domaine should do the trick.



9. One of my favourite weird internet finds this week were these portraits of how historical figures would look now. A modern Elizabeth I looks amazing, definitely my fave! Is it just me, or does Henry VIII kind of look like Alan Sugar no?




10. Definitely got that Friday feeling now. I’m really going to try to make this a non-working weekend for the first time in forever, and actually get out and about. For those of you in London, I’ve shared all my favourite spots in the city with Culture Whisper. Most exciting of all is the Dalston Street Feast which is opening up again just down the road from us. It was my favourite foodie event of the year last summer, so come 6pm this evening I’ll be found with a pulled pork bun in one hand, & a whisky cocktail in the other. Can’t wait!


Aaaand officially clocking off… now. Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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