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Best of the week 29th March

The most popular posts from the blog this week, plus my favourite things from around the web…

1. Rebecca’s inspirational #mybizstory was the top blog post this week.



2. I don’t know if you guys know about Saipua. They’re the most amazing Brooklyn florist, with blooms and botanicals from their own farm. Turns out that even the coolest brands have wobbles though… those days when you want to throw it all in, drown your sorrows in a bucket of wine or just hide under the duvet and cry. But this is a brilliant honest reminder of why and how to keep going even when times are tough. Never give up! Even if you don’t need the business motivation, I definitely recommend Saipua’s blog for the gorgeous flower photography.



3. On a bit of a roll with the biz stuff (probably because I’ve got so much on my mind this week, new projects, expansion plans, tons of stuff), so apologies if that’s not your thing. But if you’re looking for more motivation and words of wisdom, illustrator Adam J Kurtz has created his 7 steps to success. Fab little reminders for all entrepreneurs! I’m printing them off and sticking them on every possible surface.



4. I could shop (literally) all day but back to interiors now, I promise! I adore this house so no surprise that the bedroom was LifeStyleEtc‘s room swoon of the week. If you’d like to see the rest of the pad, I’ve obsessed over it in this blog post. An oldie, but a goodie.



5. Trends come and go all the time so I don’t usually bother with them. But these are the ones I reckon are worth noticing! Some seriously cool design features that are having a bit of a comeback, and also a bit of a low-tech revolution which is permeating everything from interiors to food and lifestyle.



6. Back to simple pleasures with Kinfolk, and their video masterclass on how to brew perfect coffee at home. It’s all about the details and I’m a bit of a coffee-nut, it has to be just right!



7. Over on Lonny, their editors are arguing about the pros and cons of the latest bookcase fad. I’m personally not a fan but that’s the thing about trends, you’ll always get people who love them and people who hate it. Proof of why you should stick to your guns and decorate from the heart!



8. I don’t know about you guys but I never want to stop learning so I’m really into day classes at the moment. Here’s my pick of the coolest classes around, from film school to foraging food safaris. Tons of ways to learn a new skill and have fun while you’re at it.



9. If I get round to the food gathering expeditions, the first thing I try out will be this morel rarebit recipe from Earthy Delights. Apparently morels are one of the best mushrooms for would-be hunter gatherers to find, so maybe I’ll get lucky! Or I’ll cheat and buy them in a jar… either way it looks delish.



10. Guess what I spotted in the new livingetc, style ed Hannah with our Rancho specs. When Graham Atkins-Hughes mucked around with the specs on shoot, I bet he didn’t know he was starting a style face-off! So big question – who wore it best?

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