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Best of the week 8th February

The most popular posts from the blog this week, plus my favourite things from around the web…

1. Behind the glamour. My exposé on what it’s actually like to launch your new designer collection at the world’s biggest interiors show… not as glam as you might think! This was hands down the most popular blog post on the week, so thank you so much for your great response and all your comments.



2. 5 design takeaways. Do the twist, don’t neglect the chorus, up the ante, be colourful and hang low. Good tips for life and even better for decorating! Also in this blog post I’m very excited to show off our beautiful new collection brochure, shot by the forever brilliant Graham Atkins-Hughes.



3. Handy for instagram addicts everywhere, Vogue’s guide to the new instagram filters. I’m no great shakes at photography (I wish I was, but I’m not – I just end up endlessly comparing myself to all the incredible photographers and artists that I get to work with) but I bung a filter on it and voila! Makes even my snapshots look cooler.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.55.47


4. My latest instagram crush is Swallows and Damsons, for their beautiful, moody florist shots.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.51.02

5. Not everything in interiors needs to be complicated! These are my quick n dirty, easy to pull off decorating tips



6. One of the biggest trends to liven up rooms at the moment is to take off all the cupboard doors, banish cabinets and expose your shelves. I love this look for instantly making a room more interesting, so I’ve shared my low down on open shelving.



7. I’ve been checking out our top Debenhams sellers for ideas for the next collection, and turns that our whale money box was a real hit. The Natural History Museum are clearly feeling whales too, because they’re switching up the skeleton display in their foyer. Much cooler than dinosaurs I reckon (sorry Dippy).



8. Finding inspiration from all sorts of odd places at the moment, cold walks in the park, early morning swimming sessions, whales and now abandoned places too. #4, #10 and #27 are really stunning.



9. Finally, a bit of weekend baking inspiration with this delish pear-ginger frangipane tart recipeApparently it’s Great American Pie month, which is all the excuse I need…


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