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Branding is important… it’s not simply about having good graphics or logos, its every tiny teeny aspect of your customer’s experience from brand “tone” of communications, to the colours of your packaging to staff uniforms to your social media posts.

We’ve actually created a handbook which we give out to new hires outlining our brand. It details our brand personality, our USP, our mantra and so on. We didn’t use to but as we’ve gotten bigger things have got lost in translation and the culture we’ve created is extremely important to us. I needed to create a voice for my company that literally reflects my brand and everyone we hire is a brand ambassador – representing and embodying the company in a positive light.

The culture I want to promote is a contemporary cool meets updated heritage vibe. Elegant (but never stuffy or snooty), relaxed and approachable but also luxurious. We’re aspirational, a little tongue in cheek, and irreverent. We’re grit meets glamour and we’re deeply seriously obsessed with interiors. That voice resonates through every aspect of our business from all written communication to the visual imagery online and off. Having a strong brand identity will give your biz a major competitive edge in this increasingly competitive market of retail.

You’re creating experiences is my point. I look back when it was just me in the store manning it by myself, no online, no marketing just moi. Simple days of turning the lights on, opening the shutters and serving people to what it has become today. There’s an in-store team, two managed warehouses and my HQ team of web managers, PR, customer services, operations – it’s crazy, but without it we wouldn’t be where we are today. If you want to capture market share – you need a strong brand strategy otherwise it’s adios amigos!

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