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Cape Town

This months Livingetc raised my heartbeat by a good couple of notches. When I came across this split-level™ midcentury house in Cape Town I swooned. It belongs to Micky Hoyle and his partner Alexandra Hojer and it’€™s beyond drool worthy.

What is even cleverer is the low-budget fixes. They’ve created a look and feel that’s super luxurious, but all totally achievable and affordable. Think bedroom walls made from old grape palettes (a farmer was throwing them out); an old white side board that Micky blasted with a blow touch to give it a bespoke finish (genius); kitchen units decorated with stencils and sprayed to look super glam, along with a whole bunch of flea market found furniture. Colour me impressed!

What ties it all together is the super tight edit of both the materials and the colour palette, so rather than feeling unbalanced the reigned in colour palette feels incredibly elegant and lush.

One of the most commonly underrated components in the decorating puzzle is texture, but not in this house. Everything feels tactile from the fabrics, to the greenery to the metal, it’€™s a delight to the senses. It goes to show that style has got everything to do with taste and very little to do with money!

Oh and I should say this issue is on the stands until the 3rd July I strongly urge you to go buy it’s such a beautiful space and when you see it on the printed page you will gasp or swoon, guaranteed.

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