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We’ve all got one of those friends – the one who you can never set a lunch date with because you’ve no idea if they’re actually in the country or not, and you only find out which time zone they’re in by seeing pics on instagram of them sipping wine in a vineyard in South Africa, juicing in San Fran, or sunbathing in the Seychelles. Actually, they sound like they’ve got a perfect life anyway so why should we need to buy them Christmas presents??! I’m kidding of course, I am a teensy bit jealous but not that much of a Scrooge. So here’s my round up of the best gifts to treat your most jetset friend.

Or you could treat yourself too. As you guys probably know by now (from all the whinging I do on the blog!) I’m not a good flyer at all, so although I’d love to be impossibly glam and jetset, my travel in the last few years has been limited to the absolute minimum biz trips. My Christmas list is pretty heavy with travel-type things – the noise cancelling headphones, eyemask and Aesop goodies are a must! To be honest I’m obsessed with Aesop all year round, I don’t need Christmas or travel as an excuse. But I’d also fancy this cool vintage kilim holdall before jetting off to foreign climes… I might feel a bit happier about the trip. Or failing that, I’ll just skip flights altogether and jump on the Eurostar to Paris or onwards to Italy! One of my resolutions for 2016 is to travel more for pleasure, not just business. I’ll let you know how I get on!
world traveller

Clockwise from top left: African Boy Lumitrix print | Mini mohave cactus | Cactus vase | Jet Set travel kit, Aesop | B&O PLAY noise cancelling headphones, Bang & Olufsen | Travel mug, Anthropologie | Pineapple wall sconce | Cashmere eye mask, Plum & Ivory | How to be Parisian book | Kilim leather holdall, Reclaimed Vintage | Paperweights


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