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@georgianlondon: I love this instagram account for picking up all the gorgeous hidden gems of London. If you want to spy beautiful homes, shopfronts, Regency palaces and tucked away winding streets, this is the feed to follow.


Whenever it’s tough at the moment (quite a lot to be frank!) I dream of running away and opening up a little coffee shop or juice bar. Not just any little drinks place of course, it would have to be big on design and totally stylish. The Cold Pressed Juicery in the Netherlands is the place of my dreams. It even has a tree growing inside – how cool??? Will definitely have to visit sometime.


You know that we’re all for changing people’s minds about faux at AA HQ. That’s why I was really excited to hear about cool new London handbag company LaBante. They’re proving that vegan leather can be just as luxurious and beautiful as the real thing. Their brand statement is ‘Fashion With Respect’, which I think just about nails it. All their affordable jewellery and accessories are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and most important, totally swoonworthy.


I wanted to share my new breakfast smoothie with you guys. I’m a tad obsessed – it’s a matcha smoothie with green tea matcha powder, celery, apple, banana and a cup of almond milk. Just stick in all the blender, then pour over ice and off you go! Easy, delish, and also good for you. The only thing I would say that it’s got to be a good blender to tackle the celery and stop it being stringy in your smoothie (never nice). Mine is the Boss to Go so that’s definitely AA recommended.


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