02 Oct



katieqKatie Quinn Davies: @katieqdwhatkatieate. This lady is a cook, blogger, author and incredible food photographer. Check her instagram for regular recipe inspiration, stunning pictures and somehow she always seems to seek out the coolest interiors and venues too. Love!

read-readBefore you even think of going to see the film, you should really read The Martian by Andy Weir. This was actually one of my plane reads and I can’t recommend it enough. Usually sci-fi really isn’t my bag AT ALL, but if you want a gripping story, great writing, and an exciting human struggle you’ll love this book.


doFollow along with our weekly revamp. So far we’ve covered living rooms and bedrooms… check back in tomorrow morning for an amazing weekend project to transform your pad. From drab to fab, here we come!



Love this song for a bit of laidback, weirdly beautiful listening. Also weird – the musician did a live performance in a pig-sty, but pretty cool hey? Stick it on, put your feet up and remember that even if you wanna be rich you’re OK to take the weekend off… TGIF.

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