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FOLLOWE@thesill: As you can probably tell, we’ve got plants and botanicals on the brain at AA HQ at the mo! For all the plant inspiration you could possibly need, check out The Sill. Follow for lush greenery, a touch of the surreal and pics that are sure to make your instagram feed a happier place.

seeIf you fancy watching a gripping documentary then Netflix’s Making A Murderer series is for you. It’s one of those binge-watching documentaries that is extraordinary. The Guardian’s Chitra Ramaswamy summed it up for me “disturbed, depressed, confused, cynical, paranoid, spooked, hooked and dog tired. That was how I felt crossing the finishing line of the true crime marathon that is Making a Murderer”. I couldn’t agree more. It had me hooked.




If you’re anything like me, you’ll have an odds and sods list to tackle as long as your arm. To help get your place in order, check out this cool feature from My Domaine on how to give your pad a 12 month makeover. Sounds super organised I know but with my biz becoming more and more structured I’m thinking home should be also!


gogoI’m in the midst of planning or thinking about a holiday this year. We haven’t had one for yonks. I don’t want to fly, because I’m on and off planes with long haul trips all year, plus the M’s can’t come along if we fly. So I thought maybe the south of France or Italy – anywhere with a beautiful boutique hotel we can drive to. Tablet have some of the best boutique and luxury hotels around, so get inspired.

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