08 Apr


Followfollow fox@juniperfoxx: Toooo cute. Juniper “the happiest fox” is my new instagram crush. Follow for an adorable smiling fox to brighten up your day. Obviously!


eat-eatChef for hire? Yes please!! Ottolenghi trained chef Cicely Violet and her sisters have held guerrilla feasts all over the world… imagine catering for 100 in an Uzbekistani desert, or closer to home cooking delicious fare in an East London alley. Cicely’s dishes are Middle-Eastern inspired and made with wholefood ingredients. Personally, I want to eat all of it.
drinklatteI have a new obsession I had to share with you: turmeric lattes. They’re so delish and soothing, it’s like a morning hug. They’re an essential part of my breakfast now, and they’re meant to be amazingly good for you. But I’d drink it anyway mind you! You can get the full recipe here, but they’re super simple to make. Just whiz up fresh grated turmeric and ginger with a scoop of coconut oil and warm almond milk. Gorgeous! I actually wish I’d discovered it earlier, it’s so warming that it would have been perfect for those frosty winter mornings.
do-hwGet outside! The weather is still playing silly buggers with extreme April showers on and off, but I’m hoping for a clear patch with weekend to get outside in the garden again. Al fresco lunches, pottering around gardening, and twinkling string lights and wine by the firepit in the evening. Heavenly. The Evening Standard had a fab outdoor round-up (very flattered to be included), that even had outdoor baths! Can you imagine?

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