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Followfollow abigail ahern@livingitrural: Well turns out I’m still obsessed with cabins, hideaways in the woods and everything rustic. Gem says it’s out of control and I need to go and live in a forest shack for a while to get it out of my system! Hmm, tempting. In the meantime I’m a massive fan of Remo Jacob’s instagram account. Follow for the most beautiful shades of murky green/blue hues in the forests, and a ton of adorable Highland Cows… which we know I’m also a fan of. So sweet!


read-read abigail ahern clicklistI really enjoyed reading this cool Mr Porter feature about Mr Walter Ioos Jr, photographer extraordinaire… photos in the article shot by his son too! Got to love a good power family business dynamic.


goGO ABIGAIL AHERNFor those of you across the pond, have you seen the most instagrammable coffee shops in LA? I saw this article on Domino and wanted to visit basically all of them. Let me know if any of you have been there for real. Are they as cool as they look?

eat-eat anna jones recipe abigail ahern

I’m really into Anna Jones’ recipes – delicious, healthy, filling and fun and easy to cook. What more could you ask for. Love this roasted coconut, lime and tamarind curry. If you have her cookbook I can definitely recommend the recipe for sticky cauliflower rice with cashews too. We had it the other night and it was so good G didn’t even notice it was cauliflower instead of rice! Sneaky tip.

Happy weekend all.

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