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@andrewknapp: Photographer Andrew has a great game for you to play – find Momo. It’s like Where’s Wally? but several hundred times cuter, featuring his gorge border collie Momo on her various adventures. Can you spot her?
gogoI’m all for anything that gets us to enjoy the great outdoors more, particularly this time of year. Nothing better than an Autumnal amble! Walk London has organised an active weekend this weekend, with expeditions through some of London’s most interesting, gorgeous or off-the-beaten path walking routes. It’s free to join, and you can check out all their tours here. Non-Londoners never fear though, the Walk 4 Life website has routes and events across the country. No excuses!

seerobin brownIt’s a bumper time for art lovers… The Other Art fair is on until Sunday, where you can pick up a Tracey Emin quid for £50 (crazy!) and The Affordable Art Fair comes to Battersea next week. I’m most excited about Frieze Masters, to see another incredible Robin Brown installation (favourite set designer ever, who I got to interview for the blog). His “Asylum” installation in the pic above looks like it will be a must-see.

eatI made this Enchillada recipe for G and I the other evening, it was delish but also the easiest thing to throw together. Just the kind of great go-to for when there’s just the two of you, you can’t be bothered to shop but still want a fast yummy mid-week meal. The recipe is on A Couple Cooks, and is from the lovely veggie cook Katie Parker.

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