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Followfollow@jeanstories: An ode to all things denim. Follow if you’re obsessed with jeans too! Not just fashion and style, but interiors, upholstery, repurposing, manufacturing… the whole caboodle.

seeseeMeet the Humpy! The sweetest, coolest little cabin just a few hours outside of Melbourne. I loved the Freunde von Freuden interview with the Humpy’s architects and owners about how they created their own little home.

do-harembathWhat with everything going on, I still haven’t been able to get going on my bathroom makeover. It’s one of those things that’s really nagging away at me until I’ll probably just rip the whole thing out one day when I can’t take it any longer! But in the meantime I’m trying to change little things to make the bathroom more luxurious. One of the things I can definitely recommend is these Turkish pestamel towels from Harem Bath. They’re light, stylish and will make you feel as though you’ve been whisked off on a spa holiday (or maybe that’s just me?). They do lovely little soaps, body scrubs and bathrobes too. Bliss.

eat-eatHow gorgeous do these look? Mexican food always has the most 14vibrant colours and flavours – even better, My Domaine has rounded up 10 of the easiest Mexican recipes to whip up. Perfect for busy lives and yummy leftovers.

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