19 Feb


Followfollow@_tuck4: I’ve never been to Japan, but Takashi Yasui’s photographs of Kyoto make me feel as though I’ve been swept into a whole other world. Follow to perk up your instagram feed with snaps that are 1 part city, 1 part wilderness and 100% beautiful.


go0.0Tokyo is very much on my to-do list! You all know I’m obsessed with coffee, and if I do ever get to visit Tokyo my first stop off would be the Little Nap Coffee Stand. It’s single-origin drip coffee which is whipped up on a Synesso machine. Even though they’re a tiny little stand, their obsessive attention to details comes through even just looking at their website. So cool.



see0Sticking with the itsy-bitsy but beautiful, I discovered The Little Shop of Flowers this week. Again based in Tokyo, but they’ve got an LA pop-up “tour on store” at the mo too. Their bouquets and instagram pics are little moments of beauty… sure to brighten your day.


The whole adult colouring book trend has really caught on, but I’m more into this Hirameki book. The ink blotty watercolour-esque patterns are beautiful, but should you feel inspired you can also pick up a pen and transform the ink blots into your own doodle. Such a cool idea. Mind you not personally being the most artistic, I might just look at the patterns!

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