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: a collection of talented photographers shooting their way around the globe. Follow for unique, richly beautiful moments frozen in time – it’ll give you the ultimate wanderlust.


gogo 2602
I loved this Mr Porter article about remote restaurants. Some of them are perched right at the edge of cliffs, others in far-flung corners of the Arctic Circle. Worth the trek!


seesee 2602Brit artist Jason deCaires Taylor is opening up the first ever underwater art gallery just off the Canary Islands! Called Museo Atlantico, there are 400-odd sculptures and you have to scuba down to see them. Sounds amazing to me, a gallery that would finally have all of my murky underwater deep inky hues. Perfect.


eat-eat 2602I love breakfast, it’s my favourite meal of the day in my opinion. I got so excited finding this Domino article for indulgent weekend breakfast ideas, I want to try every single one.


Have a great weekend guys! I’m hosting the first Design Masterclass of the year tomorrow, looking forward to meeting some of you then.


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