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It’s here! My biggest, fattest most fabulous book ever … COLOUR. Just under a year ago I sat down with my publishers to talk about my next tome and writing a book on colour seemed like the obvious choice, since (a) I’m totally evangelical about it and (b) I had just spent months developing a paint range, so was thinking about colour every minute of the day night. I spent a frantic couple of months shooting the most amazing locations around the world with the photographer and my good bud Graham Atkins Hughes and so here without further ado is a look inside.


In a nutshell I wanted to bring something different to the table with my take on colour. I wanted it to be ballsy, bold and inspiring. Many moons ago, when I switched from a white home to the inky intoxicating colours I go for now, it honestly changed my life for the better, no exaggeration! I wanted to give anyone out there the confidence to embrace colour too. I wanted to select combos that would literally take your breath away, from hushed tones to vivid brights to muted and complex hues. I wanted the font and the design to feel super cool and I can honestly say that this book nails it. It takes some big risks. From the daring front cover (no image just font) to transformative tips on how to master the mixed look, to a colour challenge. I am so incredibly proud of what we have achieved, and I only hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Most of all COLOUR is written from the heart, and I hope it makes you think about colour a little differently. No pseudo-scientific theories, old rules or analysing south-facing versus north-facing palettes. Insead I’ll just be pushing you (gently) out of your comfort zone to a land where magic happens. Excited? I am!


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