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Colour Trends ignore them!

Morning, hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Ours was mostly a working one with a quick trip to Borough and then a walk along the south bank with M’s thrown in. Finished early yesterday though, poured a glass, lit a fire and snuggled down to watch The Code an Australian drama which I have to say I’m totally into. So I’m more or less ready for Monday, although I really need it to be spring now. Getting out of a pool early in the morning with a cold wind whipping around is not fun anymore!

You’ll be reading at this time of year a lot about colour trends and because (this side of the world at least) we are fast approaching spring you can bet there’ll be a lot about soothing pastels and warm neutrals. Predictable and boring no? What I find worse is this whole colour of the year thing. This year its Marsala, I made a bit of a stir when I said in the press ‘Marsala reminds me too much of an additive-loaded curry!’

I’m passionate about colour, but I’m not buying into a hue simply because its been called colour of the year. So I say  when it comes to trends buy into only what you love not what is hot right now , because sometimes it aint so hot in my opinion at least! So if lighter and brighter hues are better for you go for it, if soothing or darker tones make you feel more connected and relaxed do it. AND if you happen to love Marsala good for you! Colour affects our moods and is deeply personal. As you all know I advocate muted, inky bottom of the lake type hues and I don’t care if they are in or out. Don’t get me wrong I am hugely excited about the dark wall movement but when and if it happens to get passed over for something else I’m not ditching mine anytime soon because they are not  perceived as cool any more.

Trends are dangerous things to follow so  I say buy into them by all means  but only if you love them.  As a buyer and a designer I never  get influenced by them,  I follow my own path and its stood me in pretty good stead up until now. So here’s to doing your own thing.


Have a lovely day


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