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In the old days (the quieter days) I used to worry about competitors and copiers, and boy do we have a lot. From the font we use on our website to ripping off our whole website and even my phrases, our layout and then not to mention our products. Products bugged me the most, it was the main reason I started manufacturing our own stuff as I got a little (a lot) tired of it! So I have the copiers to actually thank for that because there was no way Gem and I would have ventured into China otherwise. 

Now being so time poor with an expanding business that trades globally, I don’t even think about them. I know by being a glass half empty perfectionist and because I am never happy, I change things all the time and constantly push myself.

When you have an idea, like us changing up faux botanicals, and bring something new to the table, it pays off. We didn’t know that at the time of course but as a result of taking that risk we got incredible press from Gwyneth Paltrow writing about our fauxs, to being heralded as the ‘Chanel of faux flowers” in the press.

Never planned it, it just kind of happened! Someone once told me if you want to look at your competition, look in the mirror as that is your competition. Wise words.

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