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Cozyifying Rooms – 4 ways

The thing I love about this time of year is all those cosy little things that makes autumn one of my favourite seasons. Think stews puttering away on the stove, the smell of a new fire,  big comfy woollies, faux fur cushions. Things that you want to snuggle into.

If you want a room that cocoons you in cosiness, then up the ante with all these design elements, perfect for cold winter evenings I think. I should add that I’ve avoided all the easy stuff like say simply adding a sheepskin to every chair and I’ve drilled down a bit into what I do in each and every room to make them feel like they are wrapping me in the squishest of blankets.

Connect with colour

Colour is a great connector – in order for my rooms to look and feel harmonious and not crazy I connect items with similar hues. For example a dark brown might travel from a vase, to a painted wall to an abstract design on a rug to a table.

Create a tactile interplay

The more you mix up the textiles, so soft materials butting up against hard materials, the more luxurious your room will feel. Go for textures that make you want to touch them, velvet, metallic leather, an alpaca throw. Don’t forget things with hard textures too, so plop shiny metallic vases next to roughly thrown ceramic ones with a matt glaze.

Add greenery

How many times do I say this a week? The reason any kind of plants or flowers make a room feel calming and homely is because they give it soul and life. It’s one of the easiest and simplest cozifications out there!

Add more vignettes

Forget the main seating areas for a mo and add unexpected little areas, so little unexpected juxtapositions like a chandelier hung extra low over a table, or two little chairs in a nook. Intimate corners are what I am talking about!

Nothing beats walking through the door at night and feeling like you’ve just entered this most magical secret world. Your world!



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