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Creating a sanctuary

Morning! First a bit of newsy stuff before we get down to biz. Today is the last day  you can order online for delivery before Christmas, and the cut off is noon. It’s a crazy day for us as the warehouse is at full capacity and under a lot of pressure to get everything out in time for the holidays, so it’s all hands on deck. The other bit of news is that I’m kick starting January off on the blog with a whole month of (wait for it) The Abigail Ahern design-ometer.

I’ll be focusing on makeovers to kick off 2015, so that we can all transform unloved or slightly neglected rooms into our new favourite place to hang out! I’ll also be reviving my Style Clinic posts just for January – so if you have a room with a design problem please send in your photos. The ones I use on the blog will get my personal breakdown of how to tackle the dilemma, a moodboard of ideas, and £75 voucher to spend in store. That should do the trick! Email in your pics to, or if you want to send them via Facebook or Twitter, use #AAStyleClinic. Fun hey!

I’m on a countdown to some downtime over this holiday period. This year has been the craziest yet with no actual vacation time, a new label in production, a book written, an expanding licensing portfolio and quite a bit of other stuff. Whilst the team are having a bit of down time for a few weeks G and I are on a slightly tighter schedule, but at least it’s a reduced one. If I can get back to walking properly with the hip then there are lots of rambles with the two M’s on the schedule, big fires, books, music, cannot wait!

For me right now it’s full systems go to create the cosiest sanctuary yet to unwind. Whilst I’ve mostly nailed it I’ve still got a few more things to add like more candles, some scented foliage, a few more essential oils for burning oh and a playlist. I am so rubbish with music I need to work out how to find some super cool playlists that we can chill out with, if you have any suggestions do let me know.

If your pad still needs a bit of cozying up before the holidays here’s how:

Embrace faux fur

I’m not just saying this as our new textile collection embraces faux fur big time (but it does) I’m saying it because it adds immediate luxury. I’ve got throws and cushions heaped on beds, sofas, coming out of baskets everywhere and anywhere they set such a laid back tone!

Buy books with aplomb

As many as you can. From charity shops, yard sales, fleas, bookshops, everywhere. Books are an important decorating tool. Not only will they make your pad feel more library –esq they automatically make it look and feel cozier. Plus there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book during holiday downtime.

Overdose on candles

When I decorate I group stuff together so there is never really much of a gap between things, it’s more about clustering. Why you may ask, well clusters look more impactful especially when it comes to candles. I’ve got a smattering of lanterns on the outside table, a heap of t-lights on the dining table and some beautiful beeswax ones in the fireplace. Simple but beautiful and that is pretty much all it takes!



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