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Did I tell you guys we have a new CFO? He started in September and has come from Soho House and previous to that Nars – companies turning well over 80 million plus. Yikes! We have never had a CFO before and its quite life changing because I am being made aware of so many more things and am thinking completely differently about our business.

Image by @ewan121

For example not paying enough attention to KPI’s (confession time we didn’t even have KPI’s) but now they rule everything we do and every little decision we make.

I’ve also learnt it's not the strongest that survive or even the most intelligent, its the most adaptable. So, we are creating a team that has incredible bench strength to help us go the distance. Unexpected things happen all the time in business from the Water board carving the whole of Islington up (creating diversions that added an hour and a half onto peoples’ journey time) and as a result 6 businesses in the area went under as everyone steered clear.  

We have had to adapt and revise and we’ve had to reshape and redefine our team. We now have an amazing team. We haven’t always but the most important asset to the success of a company is its people. As I’m learning there are only so many seats on the bench and if one is taken up by a sub-par player everyone is effected. Yes, we’ve made mistakes but we are nimble and we are always willing to learn and always ready for change.  We go into the New Year more determined than ever to take over the world!

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