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Anyone with a biz has good days and bad days, that’s all part and parcel of it. It's not easy, its tough and the bigger you get the tougher it gets. It’s tougher, harder and more challenging now than it’s ever been before, and that is all due to getting bigger. The decision-making process is immense. As the CEO you are often in unchartered waters trying to figure out how to navigate forward based on what obstacles are in the way. Critical decisions have to be made, from how much money to raise to what the stock burn through is, the number of SKU's to put in production based on the growth forecast to HR issues - yep when you are small you have to deal with it all, big, small, immense everyday.

A few years back I was offered a Vice President's role for a big American homeware retailer. It meant moving to the West Coast and I dithered about it for ages. What if it didn’t work out? How would the M’s cope with the flight? Could I give it all up? I tried to negotiate a 4-day week, one where I would could work 14-hour days for 4 days and then the remaining 3 days I would concentrate on my own biz but remain Stateside. They declined and wanted 100% commitment or nothing which I totally understood and respected. Often times I wonder what it would have been like, could I be sitting on some Malibu hilltop right now with Maud on my lap sipping chilled Chablis, rather than pulling my hair out over all the challenges of running a small business. Time will tell right!

Comments (2)

  • Jojo on May 08, 2018

    Keep on keeping on Abigail, you have an amazing business and am sure and amazing team. the only way I can keep my business on track is to look forward but deal with one day, one thing, at a time. x

  • Maureen Blair on May 08, 2018

    You did the right thing! You are in charge of you!

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