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Decorating for autumn

I love a hint of crisp air, the smell of the earth from the garden, a fire puttering in the grate. It’s such an opportunity to take my house to a whole other level making it cosier, more snug and much more cocooning. I’m not talking corn mazes hanging from the ceiling rather fall decoration ideas that turn rooms around. 

On forest walks I collect big fallen branches and then pop them in vessels – perfect for the dining table, which I’ll wind and twist fairy lights around.  I’m obsessed with wreaths we have the coolest ones coming in and they will hang over mantelpieces and on the front door. 

Candlelight is super important so t-lights are a must, kitchen counters pack an autumnal appeal with apples, oranges, and squashes on display and sheepskins get slung over everything from beds to dining chairs to floors.

Happy autumn.

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