Elevating Kitchens

Kitchens are the heart of every home and I find in the cooler months I am
pottering around in this space longer than ever. Whether that’s roasting veggies,
whipping up a pesto, making soup or cooking my cinnamon apples which I eat on
top of bircher every day with a big dollap of Greek yoghurt and seeds I love
spending time in the kitchen!
One of the easiest tricks when it comes to elevating kitchens is to add a runner. If
you are worried about spills and accidents opt for one of our vinyl ones. Rugs
and runners turn kitchens around.
When it comes to styling kitchens think details. Lamps on counters, t-lights on
islands. Textural cutting boards, beautiful bowls and some open storage like a
shelf that they eye can instantly land on and delight in. Nailed!