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Moroccan influences in the design world have been trending for a while now. Beni Qurain rugs case in point, but I think we can push things far beyond that point. I am constantly drawn to all things Moroccan, I think when you mix it up with a bit of street, glam, messed up vibe, magic happens.



Anyone whose been to Morocco knows how alluring those souks can be, and whilst I agree introducing all the colours of the bazar into your interior, for me at least is a big no, no. So, I restrain the palette also I don’t overdo the Moroccan influences, I’ll maybe add a beautiful silver coffee table, some mouth blown drinking vessels, a beautiful vintage rug. It’s all about curating a well-travelled tale. 





One of my go to pieces is the pouf, for some reason we in the UK are less obsessed with them than other countries like America. When I worked in the US as a designer, I saw them everywhere and anywhere they are such an important decorating tool. They add freshness, layer the space up, you can contrast them with your décor, balance a scheme but most importantly there soft inviting textures lend such an earthy appeal. 





Same with rope chandeliers, I suspend over concrete tables or polished marble tables so there are influences of this magical country in my interiors but its not themed to the hilt.



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