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I am obsessed with quite a few things; single estate coffee and milk, lighting, dark interiors, the shipping forecast… I could go on but I fear you might get bored. I am also totally obsessed with end tables. To me end tables or occasional tables or whatever you want to call them are not an optional extra, they’re a decorating necessity! Not only do they conjure up deep luxury they add fundamental layers to rooms.

Imagine a squishy sofa flanked by two end tables housing lamps; scented pots of pot pourri a space for a drink on and on I could go. More than often than not I buy round ones, as they help to break up all the straight lines in a room but you don’t have to. I’m not fussy about finish – ebonised, concrete, brass, and I don’t mind the size – huge rectangular ones to tiny martini ones.

End tables create such perfect vignettes, everywhere I have a chair or sofa in this house I more often than not have a table. Oh and one more thing don’t get that concerned with the height. No need to be measuring them to make sure they fit. In fact I’m going to out on a limb here and say it’s even better if they don’t. Too much fitting in and it shouts “show home” so if they are lower or taller than your seating, they’re cooler, remember that. Promise! Use them in abundance… they are every good decorators secret weapon.

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