02 Mar


I cannot believe it’s March already, this year is running along scary fast. I’m really excited for Spring though, the book gets launched, lots of new projects are underway and the days are getting longer at last. Now I feel like I want to fling open all the doors and windows and get going with a spring clean of the house too. It’s not just interiors – I always feel inspired to shake things up with each changing season, so now I’m itching to swap out wintry casseroles and bakes for huge jugs of spring flowers and deliciously bright blood oranges. We’re not quite there yet, but Spring is so close I can almost taste it!

So I thought I’d share a quick run through of all the things to look forward to and enjoy this month, to brighten up Monday morning. A seasonal celebration of sorts…



It’s the time to spring clean, throw open the doors and windows and shake off that dusty, dark wintry feeling. Maybe even change things up with some DIY and decorating if you want to go the whole hog. If you’re decorating this month, don’t forget to show me pictures for our House Crush features. I did a bit of moving stuff around on the weekend, like swapping out a bedside table for a mini dining table, repositioning some art and rugs and tweaking a bit.

I’m super excited to make room for all our own label Spring/Summer collection that will be arriving this month too. Of course it’s supposed to be going to the store but let’s face it, a lot of it will find a home in my pad too! I’m particularly excited about the faux plants and botanicals, in my mind they’ve already transformed the shop into a jungle paradise.



 I’m not particularly green thumbed, but luckily I have a garden that looks like a jungle all green and wild so it doesn’t really matter too much. Apparently this is the time to be planting wildflowers, scented stocks and sweet peas. I love this fragrant, daydreamy English country garden vibe so I might get stuck in and give it a go. I’m planning to buy some seed packets from Balcony Gardener and Wiggly Wigglers and see if I can’t recreate a bit of a wildflower meadow in my little London backyard come summer. Wish me luck! Failing that the M’s and I will just have to go on lots more long walks, probably the more likely outcome.


After a whole lot of heavy winter stodge then a slightly punishing January health-kick I’m really looking forward to enjoying food again. We all know it’s best to try to eat seasonally, even just to avoid getting stuck in a rut. Good news then, because this time of year all the seasonal produce is extra vibrant and colourful, I’m thinking of purple sprouting broccoli, black kale, wild nettles, pink rhubarb, lemon sole, salmon, shining red mullet…

My absolute favourite right now though is blood oranges. The colour is intoxicating and the flavour is like nothing else. Nothing says spring better, if you ask me! How about a fennel and blood orange salad (and chuck in some mozzarella too), or with red mullet, fried up with rosemary, or eaten straight from the fruit bowl for dessert.



This is my book list for March as my new plan is to read an hour each night in bed before going to sleep: The Luminaires by Eleanor Cotton, Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra, and The Magicians Trilogy Lev Grossman!

Plus daily outdoor swims of course, it’s almost light when I leave the house at 6.20am this time of year. F A B U L O U S! Happy Monday.

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