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We might not all have a hallway that looks like Mario Testino’s above. BUT with a few tweaks we can totally have hallways that lift our spirits and raise our heartrate the minute we put that key in the door. No matter if your hall is small, super large, skinny, round, we want to make it as  cool and droolworthy as we possibly can don’t we?

I see a lot of fairly boring hallways I hate to say. This always somewhat surprises me because the hall is the gateway to your home, and the first thing any guest sees! I want that instant squishy contended feeling the minute I open the front door, not when I’ve gone into the kitchen opened a bottle of wine and then collapsed on the sofa!

In order for your hallway to feel cool and fabulous treat it like the rest of your house, which basically boils down to: add stuff. Art on the walls, add a lamp,  a table, a spare chair, they will add immediate visual intrigue! Here are some major players in hallways:

Art: Art packs a powerful punch in any hallway. If your hallway is small we need to distract the eye from the negative stuff (it’s small) and focus on the positive stuff. If it’s large we need to cosy it up to make it feel more personable. Adding art to hallways is the simplest trick there is because firstly it will make you want to linger longer, secondly it adds those all important layers I’m forever banging on about not to mention texture and pattern. You can go for high impact like Mario with large pieces or smaller, it does not matter.

Mirrors: mirrors add depth, expand horizons and bounce the light around beautifully. Not only will your space feel larger and grander and cooler than it really is, think of mirrors like decorative windows opening up and altering your view!

Console tables: I’m a bit obsessed with consoles as they have been the biggest game changer in my house. Skinny, narrow they flag the walls and enable me to style them up with stacks of books, scented candles, picture frames, lamps and so forth.

Rugs and runners: Don’t neglect the floor! Skim floors with rugs or runners they inject instant personality. Obviously being the practical person I am (not) it’s a good idea to stick a non-slip mat underneath to keep them in place, and also bare in mind that these areas are high traffic so any rug you put down will need to be a little bit practical. Having said that I’ve got a rag rug in mine which works a treat.


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