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Everything: A Maximalist Style Guide

I am so super excited about the launch of my new book (officially goes on sale worldwide today October 1) with the States joining in one week later October 7. You can order signed copies through our website and of course pick up a copy in store.

I wanted to debunk this old feeling that maximalist interiors are crazy, over the top type places – with everything looking and feeling like a kaleidoscopic mess. I believe more is more but in a curated, edited, restrained sophisticated kind of way. I’m not the hugest fan of pared back Scandi I like interiors that illustrate self expression so in the this book I’ll be taking your through how to create mesmerising interiors that are beautiful but not chaotic. I’ll be dipping into colour palettes, stirring up emotions with accessories and showing you that by breaking some serious rules you can create really bedazzling spaces.  With chapters on expressing yourself, creating ambience through lighting, styling your space and challenging the norm it’s a comprehensive read oh and lets not forget about my little black book with all sorts of fabulous sources.

Enjoy and happy decorating

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