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If you want to be a success in retail you have to get smart as retailers have all faced a dramatic shift in the way consumers shop.


Embrace Tech

Don’t ignore the digital world embrace it to optimise your brand from mobile devices, tablets, your social feeds everything. Analyse, critique how everything looks and constantly refresh and update.F

Create a narrative

If you have a bricks and mortar store personalise it. The major advantage you have over online retailers is that theirs are impersonal web shops yours isn’t. Carefully curate stories, allow your store team to engage and inform customers, have tips on easels or blocks dotted around, individualise offers, create an experience. In our stores we have in-store florists which means you can come in and get a bespoke bouquet made to your exact requirements. We don’t offer that service on line and customers go out of their way to make a beeline for our cabin at Heal’s where Gem and her team create magic.

Reward customers

Loyalty plans are great but we go beyond that and create unique profiles of customers, calling them when new collections come in, inviting them for glasses of champagne to preview. Our customers feel like our friends, we are all obsessed with interiors – so we embrace and reward our customers.

Get out the microscope

Constantly analyse – I spend more time looking at data these days then I do almost anything else. Technology is streamlining our every move, margins are constantly analysed, best sellers analysed, slower movers analysed – data data data. For someone who hates data and gets a headache every time I have to look at an excel spread sheet – you can probably tell I have a lot of ibuprofen on my desk.

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