18 Dec



Living rooms are definitely my favourite rooms to decorate. It’s also where people seem to lavish the most care and attention, and where their personality really shines through.

They’re usually our main hang-out zones, so they ought to be fabulous. But they’re also pretty hard working rooms too. For me it’s my after-hours office, entertaining spot and when it’s just me, it’s my contemplation area, where I’ll pause, stretch full-out and just listen to the fire gently crackling away – my favourite thing to do, ever! You need to figure out a multi-functional living space that automatically feels vibrant but also relaxing. A living room that you want to hang out in, hunker down in, use to chill out, or party it up. Particularly at this time of year when we fling open our doors to guests, you want a living room that you’re proud to show off! I want mine to feel supremely glam for those Friday night soirées, where Old Fashioneds come at you thick and fast.

With that in mind, these are my very favourite living rooms of 2015. Some gorgeous discoveries in here, I’m absolutely obsessed with these rooms… I hope they get you inspired for nailing the combo of up-beat glam meets totally relaxed hang-out zone.

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