03 Mar

Feeling blue

Architectural Digest has revamped itself (thank god) and whilst having a little peak on line I was rather delighted to come across this space by designer Todd Alexander. Its bijou, its in the heart of Manhattan and its rather fabulous. Apparently Billy Baldwin was the inspiration and the thing that grabs me more than anything else is the moody midnight blue. He lacquered all the walls (super glam) upholstered a sofa in a similar hue and coupled classic furnishings with daring splashes of colour.

Just goes to show that in a very small space painting walls dark won’t repeat won’t make rooms appear smaller – instead walls almost recede.I adore the lacquered walls the play of light upon them is mesmerising.

The entrance way – da ta if this wouldn’t lift your spirits walking through the door each day then I don’t know what would!

Sadly the rest of the homes in the magazine (many of them belonging to celebrities Rob Lowe included) are not good – think beige, creamy  hazes of blandness. Ugg

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