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I’ve told you guys about my days at the now folded magazine Feng Shui for Modern Living, right? I was the Interiors Editor there years ago and it was probably one of my worst career moves EVER!

Whilst I can relate to the philosophy of Feng Shui – at the mag the founder took it to the extreme. I battled against him wanting frogs everywhere (they symbolise wealth) along with jugs of water everywhere they also represent prosperity to crystals hanging from every opening – drove me nuts!

That aside much of these ancient Chinese principles are based on simple common sense, its all about having a happy and contented home, that makes you happy and contented. Here are my tips that will improve harmony in your pad as you transition from space to space.


If you’ve ever been to one of my AA Design Classes you will know how I yabber on about how you should never walk in a straight line from one side of the room to the other. Why? Well because your brain immediately reads that as boring, as there is nothing to tantalise it. Compare it to being in a big field – nothing going on just acres and acres of grass. Lets now go for a walk in a forest, immediately I’m more engaged, and I can’t quite see what is in front of me, this adds instant excitement.





When it comes to Feng Shui the theory goes if you can walk through the door and see directly to the back wall the chi or energy is shooting through way to fast. You need it to slow the heck down, and you do this by placing things and moving things into the way. That way the energy moves in a graceful undulating way. 




Mess or clutter weighs us down, so how do you know if you have too much stuff? I say listen to your gut. If you thinks it is just too much, pare it down. I recently did this on the weekend. I had two lounge-y black armchairs that I love except one we hardly ever use as they were so close together (its not the biggest space) that I felt it just cluttered the whole space up way to much. Now I’ve taken one away and there’s more negative space - I feel like I can breath and relax again!

G will disagree, as he is so messy and I am so not but having clutter around me literally stops clarity of thought, like I literally can’t work in mess! Simple as!

My tip is to shove anything behind closed doors and decant things like newspapers for fire lighting, bills, keys, to TV controls to drawers or nice containers like baskets and ceramic vessels. You’re feel lighter and way happier. Promise!










When you restrict your colour palette you can mix anything with anything. Secondly it allows all the stuff in your room like furniture, accessories, art take centre stage. The space feels soothing and harmonious and relaxing rather than busy and cluttered.


As I get older I am getting more and more obsessed with how what you eat and how you decorate consciously and subconsciously influences you and has a direct connection to your life!







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