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Figuring out your style DNA?

Morning. It is so lovely to be back, as cool as Hong Kong was and is I think I am more of a moderate climate kind of girl. Humidity, heat and bronchitis (which unbelievably is still kicking around) do not make good companions! The thing I love more than anything else about travel (for me at least) is that it takes me away from the heart of the business so I can look at it from afar in a new light. Although it was a working week Gem and I got to sit down and spend time cooking up plans for the future – super exciting.

This past weekend was very chilled out, mostly spent in the garden actually, watering, planting some ferns under the fig, pottering, yelling at Mungy who thinks digging in ferns is a green light for digging up other plants, cooking on the BGE that kind of thing! Paint sales have gone through the roof whilst I’ve been away although we still don’t have the tins with all the exact names on it seems no one seems to mind and are ordering away anyway. Love seeing shots of my new hues on peoples twitter and instagram feeds. Talking of paint end of next week I’ve been told all the tins will be in, so not so long to wait!

Lets talk style and how to figure out exactly what yours is. This is where we ignore trends, forget what is hot or what is not and instead pay attention to what feels comfortable for you. Let’s say we walk right now into some watery, pastel ish interior how does it make you feel? Relaxed, chilled, easy? For me it’s actually the reverse. I would at this stage be either drinking whisky (maybe an old fashioned had quite a few of those of Hong Kong) or popping pills. I would feel restless, uncomfortable and ill, so this look is not for me. Whether you like the look or not it’s the figuring it out that is the important component, because basically it’s a matter of perspective and the heart should lead not the head. You should never talk yourself into something that you don’t feel comfortable with, yes I want to push you to take risks and leave your comfort zone but if you hate pastels like I do nothing on earth will make you like them so don’t go down that route. Oh and one more thing defining what you don’t like helps you figure out what you do!

This sounds odd but write down in a sentence your style or styles you gravitate towards. For example many of us aren’t just simply “traditional or “contemporary’ we are a little bit of this coupled with a little bit of that. Boho, rock n roll, glam, classic that’s what comes to mind when I write down my style! It helps writing it down and of course I’m going to advocate you take risks and not play it safe but the thing with taking risks is sometimes they work and sometimes they fail.   If you are not totally sure of whether you will like something try it, I do. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a big fat failure but you know what failing at things means that you’ve actually tried something that most people haven’t. More importantly making an attempt and then failing at it puts you a little bit closer towards that success, whereas if you just sat on your butt all the time you will always be exactly where you are rather than where you want to be!

Wise words for a Monday morning no?

Some inspirational images on my pinterest boards below of various styles.

oneMerci’s bookstore in Paris, love, love love!


Adore the vibe especially the bad boy art!

one3Boho, comfy, relaxed love this interior!

Nice to be back by the way!



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