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Final Details

Accessories are easy to replace which means that you can afford to have a bit of fun with them. So whether it’s with quick to arrange cushions, new bedding or rugs or even a speedy update of door handles follow in the footsteps of the fashion-forward and introduce oversized elements in your design. It won’t necessary work in all situations – its very much about experimenting. But your home will have a heightened sense of drama and become even more exciting as a result.

Below is my pad  – a supersized porcelain chandelier sits over a small table and accessories get changed around depending on the season. A large rasta floor cushion skims the floor (so in love with it am I that even in summer it stays put) . Other cushions come and go and the rug gets lifted to let the summer light bounce and reflect off the floor boards.

Photography Rachel Smith, Gap Interiors

Photography Rachel Smith, Gap Interiors

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