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As you might already know, Gousto is my number one new foodie obsession. I got back from Hong Kong yesterday, totally travel-weary and shattered after a long buying trip and found nothing in the fridge. So a couple of clicks later and we’ve got a box of yummy organic recipes heading our way (pistachio chicken goujons, anyone?) without me having to do any thinking or shopping. And it cost us less than a tenner, which is just bonkers.

The lady behind all the fab Gousto recipes is Flo Gibson, and I’ve been picking her brains about recipes! We had a chat about her favourite quick meals, ultimate foodie travel inspiration, and how to make your kitchen feel right. Hope you enjoy Flo’s sage food advice, and if you’d like to try your own Gousto box type in ABIGAILEATS for a whopping 70% discount.Flo

What was the first thing you learned to cook?

The first thing I learned to cook was cheese sauce – it’s a cooking essential, basically an institution. I would always want to help out when Mum was cooking Sunday lunch, so she taught me to make an awesome cheese sauce. From then on in it was my responsibility to produce the cauliflower cheese every Sunday.

What’s your favourite stand-by for a really quick, good meal?

If I want to have something quick and satisfying, I always look to eggs. They are such versatile ingredients, and the flavours pair tremendously with a huge amount of cupboard staples so you know that you will always be able to rustle something up, even when the fridge is running low.

One of my favourite eggy meals is frittata with chestnut mushrooms and goats cheese. If you caramelise the mushrooms they have a beautiful sweet and earthy flavour, which alongside a melting goats cheese is just unbeatable. I add a quick balsamic glaze, and it’s a winning quick dinner!


Who’s your favourite food writer?

I have a HUGE crush on Gizzie Erksine. She is doing great things for the food industry at the moment. She’s helping people get back in their kitchens, stripping out any intimidating nonsense about food, and putting the joy back into cooking. This is really similar to how we want to able to make people feel with Gousto recipes – confident about being able to eat and cook well, and savouring the whole process of preparing a great meal. It’s all about getting pleasure from food!

What has been your most inspiring travel experience for foodie-inspiration?

South America is an amazing travel destination for foodies! In Argentina there were steaks so meltingly tender you could cut them with a spoon, and in Peru I learned to prepare ceviche from a man in a beach-front restaurant during a power cut. The food varies as much as the landscape, and there was never a dull moment. I tried everything from intestine to cactus-fruit. I couldn’t wait to try things out when I got back to my own kitchen.

What food would you like to see everyone eating more of?

I think people need to celebrate breakfast more. It is my favourite meal of the day, and we all know how important it is to set yourself up for a busy day.

You can be so adventurous with breakfast, but I don’t think people explore their options enough, and just settle for toast or cereal. What about kedgeree, bruschetta, coddled eggs, or homemade granola?

gousto breakfastWhat makes a place feel like home to you?

I recently moved house, and the very first thing I had to do to settle myself in was sort out my kitchen. I spent the whole first day unpacking all of my pots and pans, organised my spices, and arranging the shelves with bowls and bottles and other kitchen bits and bobs. It was my top priority – I then slept on my bedroom floor for a month without a bed. But the new house still felt like home from day one!

Quick-fire: favourite indulgent food treat?

My top guilty snack would have to be peanut butter and jam sandwiches. With butter as well. I love them.

Cheese or chocolate? Cheese everytime. Savoury over sweet!

Chilli or garlic? Garlic, I couldn’t live without it.

Finally, could you share your all-time favourite Gousto recipe?

This is such a difficult question – I’ve made so many Gousto recipes! But if I did have to choose one it might have to be the posh burger n’ chips. It’s a bunless burger studded with mature cheddar cheese, with skin-on rosemary chips, homemade ketchup and basil infused oil. It teaches you fun and interesting cooking techniques (we don’t often whip up our own ketchup) and the result is so much better than what you would get in a restaurant. I’m salivating just thinking about it, and it’s only breakfast time!

Read on for the recipe…

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